A North Fork Tasting Menu

A belated post about a very cool dinner. Better late than never…

Time and Place.
Two crucial factors that must be accounted for when creating food experiences. 
Focusing on those two constraints, a menu was created.

The menu was to be executed at First and South in Greenport, NY on the North Fork of Long Island.
The dinner occurred on November 8th 2013.
All ingredients (farmed and foraged) were sourced from Long Island.

Oyster Cracker
Tiny Caesar
Dairy Cow and Beach Plum Tartar, Dried Oyster Mushroom
Carrot Salami
Duck Liver Eclaire

Spent Grain Bread, Whipped Leaf Lard

A Potato Poached in Bay Water, Black Walnut, 
Farmed and Foraged Herbs and Lettuces

Whelk and Chicken Broth
Chicken of the Woods
Egg Yolk, Turnip

Goat: Pie and Loin
Autumn Olive

Parsnip Split
Wild Ginger Ice Cream
Hickory Nuts

Mullberry Pate de Fruit
Chocolate Covered Pork Rind
White Pine Marshmallow
Honey Suckle Gummy

*Deep Roots Farm - Orient, NY - Leaf Lard, Pork Skin

*Pipe’s Cove Oysters - Greenport, NY - Oyster

*Browder’s Birds - Southold, NY - Egg

*Crescent Duck Farm - Aquebogue, NY - Duck Liver
*Harbor Baking Company & Greenport Harbor Brewery- Greenport, NY - Spent Grain Bread
*Wesnofske Farm - Southold, NY - Turnip, Parsnip
*Ship’s Hole Farm - Smithtown, NY - Black Walnut
*KK Haspel’s The Farm - Southold, NY - Tiny Kale and Lettuces
*Southold Fish Market - Southold, NY - Bluefish, Whelk
*Miloski’s Poultry Farm - Calverton, NY - Chicken Bones
*Hamlet Organic Garden - Brookhaven, NY - Carrot, Potato
*Blue Duck Bakery - Greenport, NY - Sourdough Bread
*Cooperstown Cheese Co. & The Big Cheese - Milford, NY - Toma Torino Cheese
*Sang Lee - Peconic, NY - Romaine
*Wickham’s Fruit Farm - Cutchogue, NY - Apple
*Goodale Farm - Aquebogue, NY - Goat, Cow Cream, Dairy Cow
*Mast Brother’s Chocolate - Brooklyn, NY 

 Wild Herbs
Chicken of the Woods
Oyster Mushroom
Peconic Bay Water
Autumn Olive
Green Juniper
White Pine
Honey Suckle
Hickory Nuts
Beach Plum



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