Sweet Pepper Soft Pretzels

I'm trying very hard to get back into the habit of posting daily. I realized that I need to put my OCD aside and post consistently. Even if it's just a picture and a quick blurb. So that's what I'll do. It will give you much greater insight into my world - just how much of it is consumed with food and cooking.

I've always loved the tender pull of a good soft pretzel. Even if it a cheap one from the mall. These are my first attempt at making them on my own. The traditional way. By hand. Lye and all. It's a ton of work, but I think the final product reflects it adequately. Being the in midst of summer, I wanted to add a seasonal ingredient to them. Otherwise, they really wouldn't be relevant would they? I chose to replace all the water in the recipe with fresh red bell pepper juice. The pretzels are sweet, slightly chewy, and have that green summery aroma. 

A touch of smoked bay salt tops them off, and a cup of hot as hell homemade mustard sits along side. The mustard has been finished with a bit of honey and a splash of Black Duck Porter from our neighbors at Greenport Harbor Brewery. These pretzels yearn for a fresh cold pint. 

I'm very happy with the results, and excited to see where the changing seasons will lead the flavor combinations. 


Photo Credit: Katelyn Luce


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