Happiness Is A Warm Biscuit

 it really is the simplest of things that create life's greatest moments. 

This outlook certainly holds true for the humble biscuit. 
Just 6 ingredients.

There must be millions of biscuit recipes out there in the universe.
Each with the exact same set of basic ingredients.

And yet,
the precise order and method in which those ingredients are combined
will have a tremendous effect on the resulting product.

You must be very careful not to over mix your dough.
Leave it light and fluffy.
With the scrapings of butter layered just so.

Baked with a watchful eye,
until the dough is cooked
but not dried.

And then,
once you're satisfied with the biscuit,

(It's weight in your hand, your mouth;
its fluffiness, the crispness of its lid,
the way the butter has parted its folds,
its flavor -
the salt, butter, milk, roasted flour, sugar, baking soda...
...is it balanced?)

you must decide what to do with it.
a savory jelly,
lemon curd,

I chose...
an egg.
And chicken thigh gravy.
And a dot of Sriracha.

A decision I do not regret.


*Photo Credit: Katelyn Luce


  1. You must be a Southerner at heat! My dad is from Mississippi and he loves biscuits with gravy and eggs!

  2. I am! Born and raised in Indiana with most of my family hailing from Kentucky. It's in the blood!

  3. uuuhh recipe please!!! :)

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