The Foraging Days...

A recent trip to the shores of Orient, New York rewarded us with a basketful of free goodies. Among them were Sea Asparagus or Salicornia, Mallow Peas, and about 50 mussels. 

On our way back, we happened upon patch after patch of bright healthy wood sorrel, and picked it too!

After a good scrub down, it didn't take long for me to decide what to do with these little babies...

Into a screaming hot pot they went with a little Circus Boy (Magic Hat Brewery's lemongrass infused hefeweizen - just so happened to have some on hand), garlic, oregano & thyme, lemon zest & juice, and a hefty spoonful of butter.

 I couldn't remember a time when I had eaten a more satisfying piece of shellfish. These couldn't be any more fresh. Pulled from the water that very day with my own hands, and steamed before my very eyes. A frosty pint of brew and a loaf of crusty bread topped things off. Doesn't get much better than that.

I can say with absolute honesty that we had no plans to find any edible surprises during our walk down the beach that day. By opening my eyes and not just looking at the world around me, but SEEING it, these foods practically jumped into my hands. The summer's bounty is upon us, and it's not hard to spot it if you're looking in the right places. These are indeed the foraging days....don't let them pass you by!

Eat your weeds,


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