A New Year's Eve Tasting Menu

An incredible year has ended, and the start of another has begun. My prediction: this one will be sure to beat the last. Lots of fun things going on here at the Inn. Our own production of wines, jams, jellies, cheeses and butters are in the works. Big plans for 2011 are coming your way!! Our regular menu at the restaurant has tightened up, and is showcasing the meats and hearty grains of the East Coast. Our new year thus far has been highlighted by our new tasting menu, featured on New Year's Eve. Here's a quick rundown...

-Jamesport Oyster
These things were pulled from the water no less than 3 miles from the Inn. The oysterman calls them "Virgin Oysters". They are less than a year old. Very tiny and sweet.
-Ikura Caviar
Japanese for salmon roe.
-Sunchoke Blanquette
A ridiculously smooth sunchoke puree that has been finished with whole butter and egg yolks.

-Peconic Bay Scallops
Sliced thin and coated with a citrus, olive oil, and foraged wintergreen dressing.
-Strewn Herbs
Perfectly picked chervil, chive, dill, and parsley.
-Smoked Steelhead Caviar
Harvested by the Quinault Indian Tribe in Washington.
-Crunchy Bits...
Include but not limited to: Dried edamame, crushed chicarron, wheat puffs, sesame seed.

 -Sweetbread Katsu
The thymus gland of a calf that has been dipped first in tempura batter, then panko, and then fried. In a word: delicious.
-Wild Foraged Mushrooms
In this case, black trumpets and fairy rings.
-Marrow Ravioli
Created by pushing the marrow out of calf bones and soaking them overnight in a brined ice water. The marrows were then blended with salt, pepper, and herbs. Raviolis were made with this filling and finished with butter, lemon zest, and parsley.

-Venison Striploin
Circulated with butter, red wine, bay, peppercorn, and garlic at 57 degrees Celcius. Perfectly medium rare all the way through.
-Foie Gras
Seared. Sea Salt. Anything else would be excessive.
-Chicory Glazed Chestnut
Braised with a unique chestnut honey and finished with ground chicory, a bitter coffee-like root.
-Blackberry and Winter Vegetable Chutney
Potatoes, carrots, turnips, parsnip, and celery root cooked until just tender and bound with a preserved blackberry puree.

-Passionfruit "Bubble Tea"
Black tapioca pearls have been hydrated and set in a passionfruit gel.
-Coconut Crisp
Coconut: turned into a delicate dehydrated crisp.
-Matcha Tea Ice Cream
A vanilla ice cream base has been blended with Japanese green tea and spun via Paco Jet. Smoother than you could ever fathom.

And that's it! There are a ton of exciting developments headed your way, so check back often. My goal for 2011: a post at least once a week. Help me to meet it by sending a little encouragement my way!  If you enjoy reading, write a quick shoutout, don't be shy!

A happy and healthy new year to you my friends,

**Photographs courtesy of Peter Bond.


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