Dovetail - Day 4, 5, and 6

New York City has been good to me. The lights, sounds, food, hustle and bustle have all reminded me why I love this city so much. The same goes for the staff and kitchen crew at Dovetail. In just the past three days, I've learned a myriad new techniques and food applications-specifically butchery. Spent most of yesterday butchering the whole baby pig and about 16 ducks.
Both are hung for several days to allow for drying which creates a better sear and adds "aged" flavor to the protein.

I spent a good deal of time learning to make light as air potato gnocchi and squid ink farfalle. In addition, had the opportunity to work a little bit of the line, helping fish to plate their entrees as well as the canape and pastry stations. Here's a few insider shots:
Scenes from the canape and pastry stations:
First few bites: Rabbit Salad/Apricot/Tarragon Cream
Shitake Mushroom Gelee/Radish/Pea Puree
Fried Mozzarella/Candied Kumquat

Honey Carrot Cake
Blood Orange
Carrot Sorbet
Sumak Creme Fraiche
Candied Celery Leaves
Hazelnut, Chocolate, and Pear
Petit fours include: Cassis Marshamallow, Chocolate Macaroon, and Jasmine Tea Pate de Fruit

One more post to follow with more pictures and a summary of my time here.
Next stop: ESPANA!!!




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