Dovetail - Day 3

Just a quick one today concerning the baby pig dish. Twice every week the kitchen receives a suckling pig. Somewhere between 20-30 lbs. They hang it whole in their walk-in for two days - this dries and slightly tenderizes the proteins. The open air drying process also lends a hand to the final flavor of the pork.

 Each and every piece of the pig is used. The head is simmered gently, meat is picked and pressed into a terrine. Later, it is sliced, breaded, and deep fried. The loins, hams, shoulders, and rack are all deboned, brined, and circulated for 90 minutes. A simple sear and baste and it hits the plate with a beautiful medium pink hue. The belly is cured and circulated for 16 hours. Any trim is processed into a sausage that is seared just before the plate up. Lastly, the bones go into a stock that is later reduced and fortified to create the final sauce.
Here's the final dish: Baby Pig Rack, Sausage, Belly, and Head Cheese
White Corn Polenta
Chive Blossom and Rapini with Aleppo Pepper
Pork Jus

Pig Out,



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