My New Home.

View of Long Island Sound

Hello all! I hope this post finds you enjoying the summer weather as much as I am. I've made the final touches on my move to Jamesport, New York and am finally getting settled in. This past week was my first full week at the newly opened restaurant, and the progress being made each day is exciting. 

Our garden!

This week we'll be starting the fine dining menu at Luce & Hawkins. A five course pre fixe meal that if you'd like can be expertly paired with wine. The items on the new menu are an excellent sample of the produce and resources that the north fork has to offer. In addition to being enjoyed in the incredible setting that the Inn has to offer, it promises to be the most passionate and refined food the area has ever seen. Just a teaser: one of the first course choices is a house-made miso soup with the most incredible savory egg custard you've ever put in your mouth. It comes with sake poached local oysters, compressed cucumber, and smoked steelhead roe. That's only one of twelve new menu items joining the already out of this world lineup this week.


As I think back on my experience at Noma, I can't help but remember how much of our time and energy has cooks was spent trying to recreate a natural scene. Here in Jamesport, I have it all around me. The inspiration is everywhere I look, and that naturalistic "energy" flows through every plate we put out. Now THAT is cool.

Beautiful salad greens

Look how big the chickens have gotten!

Happy birds...

Coming soon: Fresh eggs from our own backyard!

It's unfortunate, but very exciting at the same time for me to announce that the blog posts with become few and far between from this point on. I've taken on a role with Luce & Hawkins that will require much more of my time than ever before. The results: incredibly rewarding. Already I've boiled my own sea salt, pulled radishes straight from our garden, not to mention spending each evening cooking cerebral  food that brings emotion to people. It simply makes people happy. And that makes me happy. The sky (which is the bluest I've ever seen) is the limit here, and I can't wait to see what the future has in store for us. Pictures of the food coming soon!




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