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Not a ton of time today for a long post. I've got family flying in from all over today and I couldn't be more excited to get some quality time in with everyone. Food is definitely on the brain though, and I can't help but think about a recent thought I read from food guru Herve This:

"One of the hardest things in cooking is the art of suggestion. Bringing forth an idea from the assembled ingredients. If it's done well, an idea can be brought forth from ingredients that have nothing to do with the idea. Such as the idea of Spring using Fall ingredients. Or abstractions such as transparency, happiness, etc..."

Great food, like art, is all about communication. Communication between the chef and whoever is eating the dish. What is the chef trying to communicate through their food? Maybe it is an abstract thought likw happiness or childhood. Or maybe it's something a little more legible, like ocean waves breaking on a rocky shore, or snails inching their way through a forest floor (I didn't mean for that to rhyme). It isn't easy to transcribe emotions and thoughts through food, but when the attempt is successful, an incredible thing happens. The cook can transcend the kitchen and reach out to the diner in ways never before experienced or expected for that matter. When was the last time you had a dish that spoke something to you? If the answer is never, how would you communicate an idea through food?

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