Copenhagen Day 6

A fairly relaxing day in Copenhagen is coming to a close. I found myself winding down the paths of the Botanisk Have (Botany Gardens) doing a little reflection and just soaking in the sunlight. It's been an incredible and enlightening 6 days in this city. My focus now turns to a new task: surviving and eventually excelling at this legendary restaurant, Noma. The first day is tomorrow, and I'm about as excited as it gets to start working and get my hands on some truly local Scandinavian product. 

Spotted these street violinists this afternoon on Strøget. Between every song, they would pause briefly and tune their instruments. I would like to think of the next 34 days here in the same light. They'll be a pause between the controlled chaos that comes with working the line at busy restaurants (something I've been doing for the past four years straight). They will be used for fine tuning. Perfecting knife cuts, mise en place, efficiency, and general kitchen techniques. There will be the added perk of working alongside some of the best chefs in the world, working with ingredients I've never seen before, and experimenting with brand new techniques.

It's essential and deathly important to keep your tools, instruments, self, whatever in the best condition possible. Finely tuned. After all, if your violin is out of tune, what will your music sound like?

I fødevarer, vi har tillid til



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