Copenhagen Day 3

The day is done for me here in Copenhagen, and I am absolutely exhausted. It's been a long day of walking (nearly five miles of it) and exploring. Got up early today to celebrate the roommates birthday. A traditional Danish breakfast birthday was in order - just a simple spread of different breads and pastries, and some butter - the event was all about the company, and the occasion of course.

Afterwards, I headed off to the historic canal of Nyhavn, complete with old ships, new ships, red ships, and blue ships. Oh, and beautiful views of central Copenhagen!

From there, I made my way to Amalienborg Slot, home of Queen Margrethe II.

Really wanted to make funny faces at this guy or something. But, he had a gun. So that was out.

Great view of the Copenhagen Opera House

Next, headed to Kastellet - Former home of the Danish Army.
Stopped on the way to check out this beautiful fountain, Geflonspringvandet (the Geflon Fountain). Apparently, the fountain was built in 1908 and financed by the Carlsberg Foundation to celebrate the brewer's 50th anniversary. 

Entrance to the fort.

Soldier standing guard - bird and all... 

 St. Alban's Church - an English Gothic flint church.
Russian Orthodox Church - Alexander Nevsky Kirke

From there, I went to Fredrikskirken, by far the most impressive church in the city. The foundation of this thing was started in 1749 but when they had to cease construction (with the walls only 50 feet high) because the project got too costly. The site sat dormant for nearly a century (became a grass covered ruin) until it was finished by a wealthy industrialist in the early 1800's.

Time for lunch! Found this incredible little pastry/sandwich shop tucked behind the church. Lucky find!

After this amazingly fresh cured salmon sandwich, I headed for Kongens Have (Kings Garden)

The beautiful Rosenborg Slot

All in all, it was an incredible day of sightseeing. Don't expect a whole lot for Day 4, I'm totally wiped. It'll be a relaxing day of coffee drinking, book reading, and preparing for Noma.

I fødevarer, vi har tillid til


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