Copenhagen Day 2

Note to self: If you plan on accidentally meandering out into the bicycle lane in Copenhagen, be fully prepared to be run down by several bikes, no regrets.

Another great day in Copenhagen! I'm finding out more and more how expensive it is to live here (we're talkin' 6-7 bucks for a cup of coffee), and doing my best to manage my money as carefully as possible. Luckily, there's plenty to do in the city without spending money, and I took full advantage of those options!  Started my day bright and early today - painters came to touch up the apartment at 7:30am and we all had to be out. Headed straight for Assistens Kirkegard which means "Dead Famous". It apparently contains nearly every dead famous Danish person of the last century. Not going to lie - didn't recognize most of them - however I'm certain they were at one point very famous. Got some great pictures.

 Hey! Hey! I know that guy!

Don't know this guy...

They were beautiful these Danish in the mist.

The cemetery was quiet that early in the morning. A few bikers passing through every so often to get to the other side of the block. The occasional mother with stroller in tow... Just me and the dead people. Nice.

Afterwards I headed to one of Copenhagens most famous parks, Frederiksberg Have. Absolutely beautiful place - probably the most serene park I have ever been in. I could just imagine a 18th century Danish artist with canvas propped up one knee, documenting the moment. 

 Apparently, this used to be a waterfall centuries ago. Plugged things up for some reason...

There's an entrance to an underground contemporary glass museum on the other side of this sculpture.

After sitting and reading for a while (My feet needed a break!), I made my way to Fredericksburg Slot an old palace now being used as a Danish Military Acadamy.

The front lawn was covered in these strange trees with all the limbs cut from them. Not sure why...

Broke for lunch after all that walking. Found a nice little cafe in a public square. Of course...more Smørrebød. Delicious!

Smoked Herring, Red Onion, Chive, Radish, and Egg Yolk

Tasty end to a great day!

I fødevarer, vi har tillid til


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