Copenhagen Day 1

I'm a 21 year old with only 4 years of cooking experience under my belt. I've traveled 4000 miles across the globe for the first time in my life to a country that doesn't speak my language. I am by myself. I've brought no traveling partners. I will be working at the third best restaurant in the world. These are my stories.

I was only yelled at by one bus driver and only got lost 4 times. For someone that has absolutely no idea what's going on, that's a pretty damn good day. Today was my first day out, and what a day it was. Got my first good look at this incredible city. The city of Copenhagen is old - reeeaaaallly old. Which means it's streets are reeeeaaaalllly messed up. Tack onto that a lack of the English language, and I kinda feel like a two year old again! I'm staying in the burb of Nørrebro which I would describe as the equivalent of New York's Brooklyn. Took a trip to the city's center today (Copenhagen was built concentrically) which by no means has any effect on the newness of the buildings or roads - quite the opposite actually.  Regardless of my directionally challenged-ness, I had an excellent day of exploring. Lots of pictures!

Finally found a place that does traditional Danish food! For some reason,  this was much harder than one would expect. Smørrebrød is a traditional Danish open-faced sandwich. 

House made rye bread and butter. This stuff rocked! Richest, most flavorful and hearty rye bread I've ever put in my mouth. More bread PLEASE!

Pan fried plaice with lemon and remoulade. The rye bread is somewhere beneath all the fish! The plaice was beautifully cooked and the delicate flesh literally melted away on my tongue. More rye bread..."Yeah, I'll take some of that."

Traditional Danish meatballs, served with remoulade, pickles, and braised red cabbage. Very tasty. I was given very specific instructions on how to eat these things. "If I were eating them, I would cut one if half to make two pieces. Place the two pieces on your buttered rye bread. A spoon of the remoulade, then cabbage, then a cucumber."

After quite a bit of searching, finally found the restaurant. Located inside an enormous dock-side warehouse...

I don't think I saw a single plain white house. Everything here is so colorful!

These waterways and docks run all through the city.

Really cool church that had a 245ft. spire that you could go up into. So glad I did!

Atop the church. How's that for a view of the city?

 Windmills! Whoo hoo clean power!
 The building with the red roof is the warehouse that Noma is in. Also, Copenhagen Opera House in the background there.

 Christiania is an abandoned city on the outskirts of the city centre. Still about 1000 residents or so I'm told. There weren't photos allowed, but I snapped a few anyway. Piles upon piles of hippies. Let's just say there was a fair amount of illegal activity going on. And by fair, I mean a lot.


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