Countdown to Copenhagen

'Tis a cold blustery day here in Jamesport. The past few days have been nothing short of beautiful. I suppose it's due time for a little drab weather. I've bundled myself up in a corner of the local Starbucks (although Keith wouldn't approve) and am sipping on a lovely overpriced cafe americano and listening to The Police's "Walking on the Moon". Perfect opportunity to do a little blogging (that and my apartment gets terrible internet reception - it's free here!)

Things are going swimmingly at the Inn. We're already receiving requests for reservations and we don't even have a kitchen put together yet! Chef Luce is directing our small team with great skill and enthusiasm - the progress made in just the last week is truly incredible. For the time being, the days tasks have been focused on readying the  six rooms of the Inn. We're hoping to open those up first before the restaurant so as to start bringing in revenue as quickly as possible. 

-The new table tops and bases arrived and were assembled yesterday.
-New POS and reservation system are being installed.
-New glass conservatory with outdoor dining space is being erected tomorrow.
-8 big boxes of brand new Staub crocks and pans arrived today.
-2 brand spankin' new deep fryers arrived today.
-Cryovac machine, Paco Jet, and a large capacity circulator arrived today.
-New trees are in the process of being planted.

~On the horizon:
       -Tours of the local farms
       -Planting of kitchen herbs and produce ~ although it is going to be a small bounty this year, full garden is in the works for next season.
       -Bringing in the rest of the kitchen equipment. There's a lot to go!

Things are being pieced together, slowly but surely. It's a magical process getting the "backstage pass" to the opening of a restaurant like this. The end product, although weeks away, is really becoming apparent through each and every detail. 

***Also! The new website is up and running, be sure to check it out @

Lastly, I've finally booked my tickets to Copenhagen and the countdown has officially begun. You can follow it right here on the blog with my corny Countdown to Copenhagen timer! Scheduled to be in the air at 5:30pm on April 5th. Can't wait to share that adventure with everyone!

Until next time,
I fødevarer, vi har tillid til



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